Hurricane season + Weak trees = Bust you up

Hurricane season + Weak trees = Bust you up

Here comes hurricane season, so there’s little doubt your weaker trees are as nervous as a cat in a dog kennel.That’s right, many vulnerable trees will be obliterated by the fierce winds that hurricane season brings to south Florida.

Are you ready for the brewing storms? If you not, you may have some dangerous surprises coming.Now is the time of year to ask an expert Arborist to inspect your property for conditions that warrant tree trimming or tree removal – before it’s too late.

When a tree cracks and breaks apart from high velocity winds the branches don’t just fall to the ground. We’ve seen them smash holes in roofs, pierce through windshields, shatter living room windows, fly across the street and destroy a neighbor’s RV, and, sadly, cause serious injury to humans.

Are your trees in the danger zone? Here’s what to look for:

  • Tree limbs near or directly above your home
  • Split or cracked branches
  • Vertical or longitudinal cracks in the trunk system
  • Unusually exposed root systems
  • Large trees in sandy soils
  • Trees leaning toward the structures on your property (i.e., your home)
  • Two main tree trunks coming from the ground
  • Any signs of termites, decay, cankers, or cavities
  • Palm trees with coconuts, palm seeds, or dead fronds
  • A general look of weakness or fragility
  • Trees or branches in close proximity to high voltage wires

These are all warning signs, and you should have a specialist inspect your tree situation with expert eyes. Casual observation is insufficient analysis.

A Certified Line-Clearance Arborist at Ecopro Outdoor Solutions can give you a FREE on-site honest assessment of the health and stability of your trees. If you need some tree removal or trimming, we’ll offer a very competitive price to get them taken care of quickly and professionally.

Ecopro’s highly experienced team of tree climbing and trimming experts are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to solve even the nastiest of tangled messes.

We always give the last word to our clients:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sam and his team came in the morning and took down a decaying thirty-foot oak before mid-afternoon. By sundown my yard was pristine with no evidence to be seen of that old dying tree. Thanks, boys!” ~ Margot L.

“If it weren’t for the tree removal, we probably would have lost the roof over our master bedroom.”  ~ Geraldo F.

“We thought our favorite old shade tree needed to come down. The guys at Ecopro said it was sturdy enough for at least a few more years and didn’t recommend we remove the old beauty. Thanks for your honesty.”  ~ Jake and Karen Q.

We’re licensed, bonded and insured, guaranteeing you a peace of mind that you and your neighbors will be safe from tree calamity in the fast approaching hurricane season.


Preparing now will give you comfort and confidence when the winds start howling. Give us a call to schedule a free inspection.  (941) 201-2620

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