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In Florida, gardens or yards are full of big trees or beautiful shrubs. However, if your tree develops a disease or any issue, it has a risk of falling. Therefore, you must contact or hire an emergency tree removal service. With their help, you can schedule prompt tree services for your property. You can even avoid dangerous situations in your yard. Continue reading this to get insight into the importance of booking an emergency tree removal service.

emergency tree removal

1. Your Tree is Suddenly Leaning

There are chances that the overgrown or diseased trees can fall anytime after strong wind or storm. So, as a homeowner, when you notice that your trees are leaning to one side, that is the indication that you must hire an emergency tree removal.

2. Damaged Trees

If the tree is over 50% damage, it can be dangerous. Therefore, eliminate it from the garden with the help of a professional technician. You must remove these trees as a matter of urgency, as they pose a danger to your property or risk to your health.

3. Large Dead Branches

If you can see large dead branches in the tree canopy, make sure to remove them. If you follow DIY methods of tree trimming or tree removal, you may face terrible issues. The professional tree removal expert will inspect the tree to determine the overall health. They will also try to prevent any future mishaps or damage.

4. Hollow Trees

When you find that the trunk of a tree has become hollow, it means that it has lost its support. A hollow tree can live for many years, but the overall strength has been compromising and can collapse anytime. Therefore, hire an emergency tree removal service for your safety.

5. Sprouts Emerging from The Trunk

If sprouts start growing from a tree, it is a natural response to severe stress. It can fall anytime, causing severe hazards, that may require a lot of money to repair. Therefore, seeking help from professionals is the ultimate solution. They can investigate the cause of the problem and help with the necessary solutions available.

6. Visibly Damaged Roots

You can also understand the health of a tree by looking at its root. A tree’s root system is one of the significant health indicators. If the roots are visibly decaying or dying, you must call an emergency tree removal service. It is a sign that the tree has lost its structural support and can collapse or fall anytime.

7. You Notice the Signs of Tree Disease

When you are walking around your yard, make sure to check your trees for signs of disease. Trees that are sick will be full of yellow-spotted leaves, unusual growth patterns, or various other symptoms. Therefore, you must hire an ISA certified arborist to treat your plant immediately. If they are unable to cure the tree, then the process of tree removal will take place.

Hire Emergency Tree Service

The emergency tree removal service is the method to get rid of unwanted or dead trees. Ecopro Outdoor Solutions provide the best emergency services near you at affordable rates. You can also visit their website to gather more information.