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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The average price of tree removal is between $385 and $1800. The cost depends on factors including tree type, condition, diameter, accessibility, and whether stump removal is desired. If you need emergency tree removal, it may cost more because you have a need for fast service.

Cost of DIY Tree Removal

Some things to keep in mind when choosing do it yourself tree removal:

  • Time – Removal can take longer than expected. For professionals, most medium trees take around 4 hours and two people to fully take down and cut up.
  • Machinery – If you need to rent the proper tools, consider that price and plan ahead of time to reserve and gather the equipment. A basic list would include a chain saw, climbing gear and harness, safety gloves, goggles, ropes, hardhat, ear protection, and a stump grinder. For medium and large trees, a wood splitter may also be required. If you do not have a trailer to haul unwanted branches and logs, add that.  The average cost could easily total $600 to rent the proper gear.
  • Knowledge – Professionals have many hours of training and practice in removing trees and stumps. Before completing a DIY removal, do your research to know what to expect and which factors will change how you go about doing the job.
  • Expertise – Trees can fall onto houses, vehicles, power lines, fences, or in other unwanted areas. Avoid an expensive mistake by hiring tree removal professionals.
  • Clean-up – Cutting the large pieces of tree to manageable size, loading them onto a vehicle, and properly disposing them can take just as long as taking down the tree.
  • Safety – Because our tree removal service experts are fully insured and have the proper machinery and training, they are ready to remove your tree(s) without causing any damage to your home, vehicles, etc.

If you would rather hire a tree removal service, call Ecopro Outdoor Solutions at (941) 201-2620 for a free estimate.

Average Cost Estimator by Size

In general, the average cost of removal depends mostly on your tree’s height. Smaller trees (25 feet tall or less) are easier, less dangerous, and faster to remove than a large one. Specific removal machinery is necessary to climb tall trees (over 50 feet tall) and as the height and risk increase, so does the cost. Each tree removal company has their own standards for small, medium, and large trees. Continue for more specific factors or call us for an estimate.

Ecopro Outdoor Solutions can also remove unwanted branches for a small portion of the price.

Other Factors that Affect Cost

Tree type

You may want to have your pine tree, oak tree, palm tree, or other type of tree removed but typically, size is the biggest indicator of price.

Tree condition

You probably already know whether you have a healthy tree or unhealthy that needs to be removed. Dead trees can be just as difficult to remove as healthy trees but an arborist will be able to tell you the cost of tree removal.

Trunk diameter

When you have a thicker tree trunk, it can take longer to cut it into manageable pieces. The overall tree removal cost can vary because a thick or thin tree trunk can be paired with a larger tree or a smaller tree.


Trees located near power lines, close to homes, or are difficult to access for other reasons may take more time, effort, and specialized equipment to remove. If the tree(s) you need removed are in one of these places, your total tree removal price may be slightly more than if your tree is in the middle of a yard.

Fallen tree

When a tree has already fallen, much of the cost (and risk!) has been eliminated. Our professionals are able to come and remove the unwanted tree from your yard. The total cost may be somewhere between $100-350 for cutting the tree into smaller pieces and more for hauling it away. How much will this cost? You guessed it…it depends on the size and location of the fallen tree.

Stump removal

When professional tree companies give a quote for cutting down a tree, they will typically give a different (higher) price for stump removal. It is considered an additional cost. This is because stump removal requires different, more specialized, equipment and takes longer. Unlike cutting down an entire tree, stump removal can cost less for older, unhealthy stumps.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming is one way you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years and years. Ecopro Outdoor Solutions specialists know how to trim your trees, regardless of how many feet tall they are (or aren’t!). Each tree type has its own “best season” for being trimmed and for the best way to keep them growing and producing more fruit, flowers, or shade.

Emergency tree removal

emergency tree removal ecopro outdoor myakka city fl

Unfortunately when trees fall on their own, they do not always fall where we would like them to. A tree falling on a power line or breaking through the roof of a house can create a need for emergency removal. In certain situations, your insurance company may be able to cover some (or all) of the cost of tree removal. Call your insurance representative to find out for what you qualify. If you find yourself needing help immediately, call Ecopro Outdoor Solutions after calling the electric company (and making sure they are aware of the situation).

FAQ About Tree Removal

Tree removal companies are at work year round, especially here in Florida. When you decide that you would like a tree removed, trimmed, etc., call Ecopro Outdoor Solutions as soon as possible to schedule an expert to give you a quote on your project.


Tree removal DIY can be dangerous and costly. Hiring a professional tree removal company can save time, money, and damaging mistakes. Ecopro Outdoor Solutions can complete stump removal, entire tree removal, tree trimming, and cutting your fallen tree into smaller cuts of wood. Give us a call today at (941) 201-2620!