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Searching for information about tree service trimming in the Bradenton FL area? Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions here to help! There are many reasons why you should have your trees professionally trimmed. Prune your trees and you can reap these benefits: reduce the risk of branches and limbs falling during storms, improve air quality, and increase home value. Tree pruning is also an environmentally friendly activity as it reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. Let’s take a look at some tree trimming basics.

Why Should You Get Your Trees Professionally Trimmed?

Have you ever tried to trim a tree on your own? While it certainly can be done, it can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t experienced or if you don’t have the proper equipment. That’s why there are tree services where a professional company can come to your location and complete the project for you. Here are some benefits to keeping your trees cut and looking great!

Improve The Overall Health of Your Trees & Reduce Root Loss

A large tree is beautiful to look at, but it can’t absorb all of the essential nutrients from its surroundings. Without enough nutrients, a tree’s overall health will suffer. You can change this by cutting off some larger, dead branches and allowing smaller ones to use the remaining nutrients. This is a basic step in tree care.

A simple tree service involving pruning your tree allows you to decrease any root loss. If the tree’s root system can’t get enough nutrients, the roots can die off. It also helps in shaping the tree and will result in a beautiful tree that is just like how it was envisioned by the planter.

Detect Diseases Before They Become Problematic

When you prune a tree, you can easily detect any diseases that may be affecting it. Early detection will enable you to prevent the disease from spreading. You can report it to an arborist for more effective treatment options. If the disease spreads throughout the entirety of the tree, you may need to hire a tree removal service, which can get expensive.

Increase The Productivity of the Tree

It is proven that decreasing the number of branches in fruit trees increases its nutrient intake and results in bigger, tastier fruits.

Tree pruning might seem like a tedious task, but it will help improve the overall health of your tree. When there are many leaves on one branch, it hides sunlight from the lower ones. As a result, there won’t be as much photosynthesis happening; which will reduce how effective the process is for those lower branches.

When the professionals remove lower and unnecessary branches and limbs, it enables more sun to reach upper roots, leading to an increase in the amount of photosynthesis that takes place within them.

Improve the Appearance of Your Trees

To get the most out of your tree, you must regularly prune it to make sure that branch growth is symmetrical and balanced. Once you have a well-shaped specimen, maintaining its appearance with routine maintenance will be much easier.

If you can get into a routine of having a professional come out to prune and cut your tree each winter, it will become part of your routine home maintenance. By spring each year, you’ll have beautiful trees in your yard!

Add Value To Your Property

Trim your trees regularly to help you maintain the value of your property. The environment around your home will look clean and tidy. That is great for increasing its overall appearance and property value, which means you may get a better price when you are ready to sell.

Prevent Damage & Ensure the Safety of Your Home

By pruning trees on your property, there is a reduced risk that branches may fall from the tree and damage your property. This will reduce any costs that may be associated with repairing damages or the need to remove limbs from your home or business.

During the summer months, the likelihood of thunderstorms is always on the horizon. Even in the winter season, when heavy ice or snow storms strike, your trees can be severely affected. Increase the safety of your surroundings by simply trimming your trees. Using a tree service professional can keep you and your family safe.

Common Types of Trees in the Bradenton Fl Area That Need Trimmed

Not all trees require the same care, and knowing what type of care your trees in the Bradenton area need is important. Here are some tips for the different types of trees that may need to be trimmed in your location.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are unique additions to any landscape. In order for them to thrive properly, they need the right care and attention. Palm trees are monocots. Monocots don’t grow new wood like most common plants; instead, their trunks stay strong with age so you won’t have to regularly trim your palm tree if it’s healthy enough already.

Be careful when pruning or making cuts on your palm tree as improper techniques could result in its destruction!

Cypress Trees

Cypress trees are narrow-leaf evergreens that do not look good if you cut them too short. However, they can be trimmed like other evergreen plants as long as their wood is treated with special care to avoid having the plant lose its leaves and looking sparse in patches.

Pine Trees

Pine trees are best maintained by removing dead or damaged branches to allow for new growth. They are usually trimmed for corrective reasons such as removing broken or diseased branches and reducing the chance of insect invasions. You can call a professional tree service business to help assess your trees if you believe they are infected.

Maple Trees

Maple trees are large, beautiful trees that need regular trimming. It helps keep the size manageable, reduces the risk of damaged, dead, and falling branches, and improves airflow and the amount of sunlight your branches are exposed to, creating a healthier tree.

Oak Trees

Your oak tree can’t afford to skip out on routine pruning. Keep your trees in tip-top shape by removing dead or crossing branches and thinning their canopy; this will improve the structural health, vigor, and overall aesthetic appeal of your tree while also potentially preventing common diseases like oak wilt or branch failure.

Pruning Tips: Common Mistakes With DIY Tree Pruning

Thinking about pruning your trees yourself? Before you start hacking away at your tree’s branches, it is important to think about what kind of damage can be done by making the wrong cuts. Here are a few common mistakes people make when DIY tree pruning, and some tips for avoiding those mistakes.

Using Dull Tools

Overused tools are dull, which can cause serious stress on your tree when you prune it. This will increase the healing process time since branches aren’t cleanly cut. Plus, it makes your job more physically demanding when you use dull tools.

Don’t Forget to Sanitize Your Tools

Using un-sanitized tools can transfer soil-borne diseases from the previous plants they were used on, which can decrease the life and health of your tree.


In order to prevent possible health problems, people should not lop their trees. This is because cutting a branch in spots other than a union (base of the branch) or node weakens the new branch structure and can make your tree more susceptible to fungal infections that could be harmful to anyone or anything underneath it.

Over Pruning

When you prune trees, never remove more than 25% of the leaf-bearing crown, even less when you are dealing with a mature tree. Older trees take longer to heal after they have been pruned.

Flesh Cutting

The biggest issue with flesh cuts is that they can cause the tree to become diseased. They can get fungal infections or be attacked by pests. It also causes uneven bark on the trunk and main branches, which could lead to other problems later down the line.

How Much Do Tree Services Cost: Money and Time

The cost and time involved with tree services can vary depending on how big your tree is. For an average size pine or oak, plan for about two days worth of time. The estimates assume that you have three workers and one foreman working with the trees; this number may change depending on experience level.

The cost range for tree trimming varies based on factors such as height, curvature radius (how much space there is between branches), and difficulty in accessing certain areas of the trunk to remove deadwood from different angles due to overgrowth. These variables determine if they must use any additional equipment like bucket trucks.

Which Tree Service Company Should I Contact to Trim My Trees?

If you live in the Bradenton, FL area and decide it’s time to get your trees trimmed, contact the professionals at EcoPro Tree Service and Outdoor Solutions. We also provide other tree services such as stump removal and emergency tree services. Call today for a free price estimate at (941) 201-2620 or email us about our services at