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If you’re a homeowner there’s most likely a garden shed that can be found in your backyard. Although sheds are great to store extra seasonal items, shed maintenance can sometimes go overlooked. If you’re the owner of a larger property you may also find yourself in need of some care for your barn. If you’re unsure if your shed or barn needs to be removed, here are some demolition reasons to consider. 

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Shed Damage

If you haven’t paid attention to your garden shed lately, the damage could’ve gone unnoticed. Moisture from rain or other factors can eventually lead to rust, mold, and rot inside your shed. If your shed has been affected by these conditions your first thought may be to remove it yourself. This can turn into a dangerous job and should always be left up to the professionals to remove the shed properly. 

Asbestos Carrier

If you have an older garden shed the roof can be contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that can be extremely dangerous to our health. You can be inhaling asbestos without even knowing it which can then lead to respiratory or gastrointestinal issues. This is another reason why the removal and demolition of your shed should be left up to the professionals that know how to properly handle these dangerous minerals. 

Barn Wood

If you’re the owner of a barn there are a few beneficial reasons to have it removed. One of those reasons is needing your barn’s wood. Collecting and then selling your barn wood can result in a substantial amount of money especially if your barn is older. There is a large desire for older barn wood due to its beauty. Many people want this wood used in their homes to create flooring, beams, doors, and other accents. If your barn is over 100 years old you’re in luck since oak, pine, and maple are considered much more valuable. 

Barn Liability 

Having a barn on your property can unfortunately sometimes turn into a liability. If someone decides to go into your barn and ends up getting hurt, they will be able to sue you even if they weren’t supposed to be there. An unexpected lawsuit can put a lot of financial stress on you and your family. Old barns can also be a hazard due to possible storm damage. If your barn is located close to your neighbor’s property, storm blowing is another potential danger. 

If your garden shed or barn is taking up unnecessary space on your property, Ecopro Outdoor Solutions is here to provide the proper removal or demolition. Visit our expert team located at 3230 Southgate Circle #85 Sarasota, FL 34239, or contact us today to schedule a service! 941-201-2620