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Do you own a new property and need to clear away several obstructions to prepare it for its next purpose? This is a common concern for commercial and residential landowners alike. Land clearing requires an array of sophisticated equipment to get your property ready for a new building or other structure. Here’s how lot clearing works when you hire Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions.

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The Lot Clearing Process

  1. Initial Inspection & Walkthrough
    • The first thing we do is come to your property site, inspect everything, and walk through the area to identify the most difficult components. This is where we take notes on the type of vegetation in the way. We would also select the best equipment to address obstacles in the way. Our initial consultations always come with a free service quote.
  2. Check Zoning Rules & Ordinances Before Clearing
    • We can also help you verify the zoning regulations that will impact what you can do with the land. It’s good to know about this before you do anything extensive with lot clearing.
  3. Begin Lot Clearing
    • Next, our skilled landscaping and excavation technicians perform all the heavy-duty work. This can include everything from tree/stump removal to taking out old concrete structures. It often involves expensive machinery like bulldozers and skid steers.
  4. Perform Additional Land Development Tasks
    • There’s always some kind of additional detailing at the end of every project. You may elect to do further excavation later. Plus, before you can erect a new building, you would need to perform lots of soil grading, drainage installation, and much more infrastructural work. 

Factors that Affect Cost

How much does land clearing cost?

It’s impossible to give an exact answer without a thorough site inspection, but we can show you the most important factors that influence land clearing costs.

  • The size of the project area
  • How much vegetation is in the way
  • The topography of the land
  • Weather/Climate conditions

Obviously, larger lots require more man hours and thus higher labor costs. If there’s a lot of dense foliage or trees, that adds to the price. Difficult topography with lots of hills or slopes makes the job harder. Sometimes the Florida climate makes things challenging because it doesn’t get as cold, which allows vegetation to remain abundant all year.

Expert Lot Clearing Services with Ecopro

Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions offers the most reliable land and lot clearing service around Sarasota. Our previous clients rate us a perfect 5-star score on Google Reviews because we do the entire job, don’t cut corners, and our crews arrive on time.

You can count on us for lot clearing, tree removal, trimming, and other important tree services. This means we can help you with almost any major landscaping task if you live in or around Sarasota. You can contact Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions anytime to learn more about 941-201-2620.