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There are certain circumstances that could require immediate help from a tree removal specialist. Since dying or sick tree problems can deteriorate rapidly, you may find yourself in a difficult landscaping emergency fast. You may also experience a scary episode with swaying trees during a heavy thunderstorm.

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Here’s how you can tell when you need emergency tree service from Ecopro.

Reasons You May Need Emergency Tree Service

  1. Sick or Decadent Trees
    • Sick trees are the most likely to tip over and cause serious damage and/or injuries. How do you spot them? Well, when in doubt, contact a tree-care professional for assistance, but you notice sick trees by their trunk cavities, missing bark, dead limbs, or fractures. Although it is possible to treat some trees with medicinal injections (if caught early), we may need to remove the ones that are dying.
  2. The Roots Are Weak
    • Weak root systems are as bad for trees as broken legs or spinal injuries are for humans. Once the roots deteriorate, trees cannot remain stable and are bound to fall. This can happen for various reasons, including erosion or sinking soil; common issues all throughout Florida.
  3. You Just Went Through a Storm
    • Hurricane Ian is still fresh on everyone’s mind because of the extensive damage it inflicted. Heavy winds and even lightning strikes can jeopardize the stability of your tree. We recommend getting tree services before the hurricane season to avoid problems, but we’re also eager to help if you encounter a tree-related emergency during or after a storm.
  4. You’re Ready to Move
    • It may simply be time to get rid of an eyesore tree because you’re about to put your home on the market. Landscaping can make a tremendous impact on your property’s resale value, so call us if you need help removing a tree that’s harming your lawn’s aesthetic.

We can also help you take out trees that are too close to power lines, pipes, or the house itself. Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions offers emergency tree services along with pruning, trimming, stump grinding, lot clearing, or demolition. Chances are, if it’s a difficult landscaping project, we can handle it so you can press on with life. 

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