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shrubs, and landscaping ready for the worst-case scenarios. You don’t need us to tell you how devastating loose tree limbs or fallen trees can be if they crash into your property. That’s why we’d like to show you how to prevent those hurricane-related nightmares.24/7 emergency tree bradenton

Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricane Season

  1. Focus on pruning in the spring. If you haven’t already, it’s still not too late. The other way to do this is to do pruning during the tree species’ dominant season. If you aren’t sure when that is, then one of our representatives can provide guidance.
  2. Clear the deadwood off your trees. This is the part of the tree that pests love to devour, and when they do, it will weaken and become a risk for falling apart. You don’t want it to do that and collapse . . . onto your roof or vehicle.
  3. Don’t forget to get rid of the stump after tree removal. It’s a smart move to avoid creating a tripping hazard (and eyesore) in the middle of your yard.
  4. Consider partnering with a certified arborist for heavy duty landscaping. This is the best way to beautify AND hurricane-proof your entire outdoor property.

Finally, we’d like to review the many reasons to consider tree pruning and trimming, part of our comprehensive tree services for Sarasota residents.

Benefits of Tree Pruning & Trimming

  • Save the Tree – You’d be surprised how much you can improve a tree’s health with some dedicated pruning. This is a lot easier than having to take out an entire tree before hurricane season. The further in advance you do this, the more time it has to recover from the cutting, and grow much stronger.
  • You Can Find Other Problems – Keep your eyes open while you’re pruning. It’s a great time to inspect to see if it’s become overwhelmed by insects (termites, especially). Like anything else, an early diagnosis leaves you the opportunity for easier and less expensive solutions.
  • Eliminate the Most Obvious Hazards – There may be very noticeable decay on one of your larger tree’s thicker branches. Those are prime candidates for a windswept projectile problem. It’s always smarter to address these matters before another Hurricane Ian visits our area.

Does this sound like the sort of landscaping service you need soon?

Then Ecopro Tree Service & Outdoor Solutions is here to lend a hand. We’re the residents experts for tree removal, pruning, trimming, lot clearing, and more. Call us anytime for rates on these effective services at 941-201-2620.