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Having trees on your property and living in any location that has a dramatic change during the seasons means preparation and being ready for whatever Mother Nature might decide to throw your way. And here in Florida, the stormy weather that coincides with hurricane season begins on June 1st and lasts for a period of five months. Prepping the trees on your property is of the utmost importance, and today, we’ll be touching base on the crucial steps.  24/7 emergency tree bradenton

Plan Ahead When selecting a Location 

If you’ve just purchased your new home and feel like some trees in the yard will be a great addition, it’s important to be mindful of where you decide to place them. Any type of tree can be susceptible to stormy conditions, so it’s important to plant any new ones a considerable distance away from your or your neighbor’s property. 

Inspect to Protect 

Just like you bring your vehicle in for an oil change every few months, it’s essential that you keep a close eye on the condition of your trees before, during, and after storm season. Inspecting them is relatively easy and should be done once a month. Keep an eye out for cracks in the trunk, signs of decay, and branches that might appear to be deformed. Before storm season begins, it’s advisable that you consult an arborist to give you a well-informed opinion regarding your trees and plant life. 

Prune on a Regular Basis 

Another action you need to take on a regular basis is pruning the trees that are on your property. Some homeowners enjoy doing this themselves, but we recommend getting an expert service to come to your property and conduct this essential service. This is because pruning is a delicate operation, and a professional crew can trim away what’s needed and keep intact what’s safe. 


One storm season has subsided, so it’s important that you repeat this essential process and clean up any debris that might have fallen in your yard. This is how you’ll keep your property and your trees safe throughout the duration of the year. 

Ecopro Tree Service 

While storm season in Florida can be stressful, we make it easier for you to deal with. If you have trees on your property and you want to ensure their safety and longevity all year round, get in touch with us at We’re here to help.